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Nailed to Ground


Lamp nailed to the ground. Lamp nailed to the ground.
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Product Code: 570420
Lighting ideal for your balcony's table . This light fitting has a touch switch for 3 level intensity levels. 3,5h charging-7h function.Product code:  570420 Colour: whiteMeterial: plasticDimensions (cm):  Ø20  H.51,5 , Ø30  H.60,3,  Ø40  H.71,3Lamp type..
37.40€ 55.00€
Ex Tax:37.40€
Pinned  led garden spot in graphite .
-10 % 7 days
Product Code: 152000
Lighting ideal for your garden. Product code:152000  Colour: Graphite Meterial: Aluminium-glass diffuser Dimensions (cm): Ø5 H.15 movable. Lamp type :Led 7W 3000K 90Lm/W IP65..
64.80€ 72.00€
Ex Tax:64.80€
Led garden light with flame effect,solar powered and IP65. Led garden light with flame effect,solar powered and IP65.
-10 %
Product Code: 200000
Lighting ideal for gardens. Equipped with a dusk sensor,it has two operating modes.Product code: 20000 Colour:  blackMeterial: plastic Dimensions (cm): Ø11,42  H.12.7 & H.51,7 & H.70,6Lamp type : Led 2W 360Lm 1500K IP65..
66.60€ 74.00€
Ex Tax:66.60€
Product Code: 773000
Lighting ideal for gardens. 6hrs recharge.Product code: 773000 Colour:  blackMeterial: plastic Dimensions (cm): Ø11,5  H.33,7 - 64,2 -78,3 Lamp type : Led 2W 350Lm 1300K..
Ex Tax:24.00€
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