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Hanging metal rail with fixture in chrome and shades in black color with strass detail.
-20 %
Product Code: 917208
Pendant ideal for the living and dining room Product code: 917208  Colour: Chrome, black Meterial: Metal ,  fabric Dimensions (cm): L.110  W.48  H.90min Lamp type : E14 x 8  40W..
196.00€ 245.00€
Ex Tax:196.00€
Single seat armchair  in chrome and leather from Pony Single seat armchair  in chrome and leather from Pony
-55 %
Product Code: 604000
Product code:604000  Colour: Black Meterial:Steel, pony Dimensions (cm):L.69 W.90 H.70..
1,282.50€ 2,850.00€
Ex Tax:1,034.27€
Circular luminaire with eight top lights and four down spots.
-70 %
Product Code: 109200
Lighting ideal for your living  and dinning room . Product code: 109200  Colour: Chrome Meterial: Metal,Shades Dimensions (cm): Ø104 H.52 Lamp type : E27 8X12W LED +GU10 4X5,5W LED..
540.00€ 1,800.00€
Ex Tax:540.00€
Ceiling light with crystals in chrome
-70 %
Product Code: 421012
Pendant ideal for your living room. Product code:421012  Colour: Chrome Meterial: Metal Dimensions (cm):Ø50  Η.65 Lamp type :G4 12x 20W 20V  ..
175.50€ 585.00€
Ex Tax:141.53€
Led wall light in grey.
-50 %
Product Code: 133011
Wall  lighting ideal for your balcony and garden.Product code:133011Colour: greyMeterial: metalDimensions (cm): Ø20 W.24 H.24Lamp type : E27 1X18W , IP44..
13.50€ 27.00€
Ex Tax:13.50€
Mini pole in silver grey .
-50 %
Product Code: 133035
Lighting ideal for your garden.Product code: 133035 Colour: GreyMeterial: MetalDimensions (cm): Ø20 Η.30Lamp type : Ε27x1  ΜΑΧ 18W,IP44..
14.50€ 29.00€
Ex Tax:14.50€
Pendant swan with blown glass in light green.
In Stock
Product Code: 801703
Pendant ideal for the living  and dining room . Product code:801703 Colour: light green Meterial: blown glass Dimensions (cm):Ø130 cm H.140cm Lamp type : G4 20x20W   12V..
Ex Tax:1,750.00€
Product Code: 917505
Lighting ideal for your living room. Product code: 917505  Colour:Chrome Meterial:Metal,glass Dimensions (cm):L.115 W.8 Η.50 min Lamp type : G4  5x 20W 12V..
Ex Tax:220.00€
Pole in grey for exterior use.
-50 %
Product Code: 133033
Lighting ideal for your garden.Product code: 133033 Colour: GreyMeterial: MetalDimensions (cm):Ø20 Η.60Lamp type : Ε27x1  ΜΑΧ 18W,IP44..
21.00€ 42.00€
Ex Tax:21.00€
Outdoor pole with head body of plexiglas .
-50 %
Product Code: 121021
Pole ideal for your garden .Product code:121021Colour: Silver GreyMeterial: metalDimensions (cm): L.16 W.16 Η.75Lamp type : E27 1X 40W IP44..
22.50€ 45.00€
Ex Tax:22.50€
Pendant in white with lighting led .
-50 %
Product Code: 9934310777
Pendant ideal for the the dining room,living room ,kitchen and your office. Product code: 9934310777  Colour:White Meterial: Metal Dimensions (cm):Ø58 H.25cm Lamp type :Led 36W 2910Lm 4000K..
385.00€ 770.00€
Ex Tax:385.00€
Wall light with  brown wooden base, beige lamp and spot led.
-45 % In Stock
Product Code: 252302
Lighting ideal for your bedroom. Product code: 252302  Colour: Brown,beige,chrome Meterial: Metal Dimensions (cm): L.25 W.13 H.30cm Lamp type : Ε27 1x40W + LED 1W..
52.00€ 95.00€
Ex Tax:52.00€
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