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Manufacturer: 232
Lighting ideal for the kitchen and dining roomProduct code:8625032  Colour:Sand black Meterial:Aluminium Dimensions (cm): Ø60 H.30-200cm Lamp type : Led 57W 4560Lm 3000K dimmable IP20..
474.40€ 593.00€
Ex Tax:474.40€
Manufacturer: 251.3
Lighting ideal for the entrance  and  bedroom.Product code: 503710 Colour: capuccino,white Meterial: Ceramic,fabric Dimensions (cm): Ø20  H.29 Lamp type : Ε14 1Χ40W MAX..
24.75€ 33.00€
Ex Tax:24.75€
Manufacturer: 251.4
Lighting ideal for your living room and office .Product code:160900 Colour: gold ,black,white Meterial:MetalDimensions (cm):  Proj.90 H.160 βάση 14,5Lamp type : Led 30W 3000Lm 3000K dimmable...
395.25€ 527.00€
Ex Tax:395.25€
Manufacturer: 251.4
Lighting ideal for  your living room.Product code: 982955 Colour: silver,goldMeterial: metalDimensions (cm): L.98 W.29 H.55+200 Lamp type : Led 40W 4000Lm  3000K dimmable..
459.00€ 612.00€
Ex Tax:459.00€
Lighting ideal for your dining room.Product code: 102132 Colour:  blackMeterial: metal,glassDimensions (cm): L.102 W.13 H.20+100Lamp type : Led 42W 4150Lm 3000K dimmable..
336.00€ 672.00€
Ex Tax:336.00€
Manufacturer: 076
Lighting ideal for the living room,dining room and reception areas.Product code:220260 Colour: Gold matt-sandy black base ,sandy blackMeterial:metal,aluminium,siliconDimensions (cm): L.95 W.65 H.30 /base L.25 W.15 H.4,5Lamp type :  Led 46W 4987Lm 3000K dimmable..
251.25€ 335.00€
Ex Tax:251.25€
Manufacturer: 076
Lighting ideal for the living room and bedroom.Product code:  Colour: natural wood ,white Meterial: natural wood ,silk shade Dimensions (cm):Ø45 H.150 Lamp type :Ε27 1Χ60W..
148.50€ 198.00€
Ex Tax:148.50€
Manufacturer: 251.3
Pendant ideal for your living room.Product code:402690167 Colour: light brown ,nickel antique, goldMeterial:metal,woodDimensions (cm):L.26 Proj.41 H.165Lamp type : Ε27 1Χ60W ..
210.00€ 280.00€
Ex Tax:210.00€
Manufacturer: 010
Lighting ideal for the dining room.Product code: 4249600 Colour: fume,goldMeterial: metal ,glassDimensions (cm):L.87 H.120Lamp type : Ε27 3Χ60W..
152.10€ 169.00€
Ex Tax:152.10€
Manufacturer: 000
CODE: 4021/8 DIMENSIONS: 67Χ67Χ78Η BULBS: 4X40W G9 220V + 4Χ20W G4 12VCODE: 4021/10 DIMENSIONS: 73Χ63Χ78Η BULBS: 4X40W G9 220V + 6Χ20W G4 12VCODE: 4021/18 DIMENSIONS: 120Χ63Χ78Η BULBS: 6X40W G9 220V + 12Χ20W G4 12V..
Manufacturer: 251.4
Lighting ideal for your living room.Product code:282816 ON Colour: gold Meterial:Metal,polymer diffuserDimensions (cm): Ø28 H.168Lamp type : Led 35W 3500Lm  3000K dimmable...
529.50€ 706.00€
Ex Tax:529.50€
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