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Manufacturer: 090
Lighting ideal  for all kind of rooms. Product code: 932000 Colour: whiteMeterial: metal Dimensions (cm): L.30 W.30 H.180 Lamp type : Τ5 80W , RGB LED with remote contol..
784.00€ 980.00€
Ex Tax:784.00€
Manufacturer: 252
Lighting ideal for your living room,entrances and waiting rooms.Product code:053500 AL Colour:White,dark grey,sandMeterial: Ultra light self -extinguishingDimensions (cm):Ø40cm  H.170cmLamp type :Led 3x12,8E , 5x595Lm 3000K and led dimmer...
1,636.80€ 2,046.00€
Ex Tax:1,636.80€
Τhe adaptation of a classic candle holder with a led source has produced thi delicate luminaire a real gem  .the poetic and refined creates and accentuates different areas .it also comes in an individual triple version and as a chandelier .Italian origin.Lighting ideal for your living room,entr..
Ex Tax:725.00€
Manufacturer: 001
Lighting ideal for your living room and office.Product code:600000 Colour:GoldMeterial: Metal ,crystalDimensions (cm): Ø52 H.177Lamp type : Ε27 1x20W led..
1,127.00€ 1,610.00€
Ex Tax:1,127.00€
Manufacturer: 001
Lighting ideal for your living room and office.Product code:40000 Colour:GoldMeterial: Metal ,crystalDimensions (cm): Ø40 H.60 Lamp type : Ε27 1x20W led..
588.00€ 840.00€
Ex Tax:588.00€
Manufacturer: 999.160
Lighting ideal for the dining room,lobby,cafe.Product code:40207  Colour: Black mat,gold leaf. Meterial: Metal Dimensions (cm):L.35x35 H.170 Lamp type :Led  4x13W 7600Lm 3000K..
733.60€ 917.00€
Ex Tax:733.60€
Oval or circular shapes, semicircles, can be placed at different heights, creating large effect structures. Finishes vary and are created exclusively internally.The lighting is with a special LED strip inside the structure.offer upon request..
The finishes are gold leaf, silver leaf, copper leaf, all made by hand, also galvanic brushed satin gold. LED Lighting.Italian origin.Dimensions of the rings :           Ø60   H.6  total   H.150cm    Led 45W&nb..
Manufacturer: 999.000
Lighting ideal for your living room.Product code:411060  Colour:Chrome Meterial:Metal,Plexiglas Dimensions (cm):Ø60 H.60 Lamp type :Led 32 x1W LED..
1,056.00€ 1,320.00€
Ex Tax:851.61€
Manufacturer: 999.000
Lighting ideal for your living room.Product code: 411070  Colour: Chrome Meterial: Metal, plexiglas Dimensions (cm): Ø70 H.32cm Lamp type :40LED X 1W..
1,200.00€ 1,500.00€
Ex Tax:967.74€
Manufacturer: 999.000
Lighting ideal for all kinf of rooms .Product code: 411219  Colour: Chrome Meterial: Metal ,Plexiglas Dimensions (cm):Ø110  H.100cm Lamp type :GU10  19 x7W Led dimmableFor the price ,please contant us ...
Manufacturer: 999.000
Lighting ideal for your living room.Code:411011 Colour: Chrome Material :Metal,Plexiglas Dimensions (cm): Ø110 H.202 Lamp type :LED 80X1WPrice after request ...
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